Prada’s Miu Miu Unconventional Messaging App

"Prada’s Miu Miu is looking to change how consumers communicate digitally by sponsoring the creation of a mobile application tied to its latest commissioned Women’s Tales film" as written yesterday on Luxury Daily.
Miu Miu has tern up with artist and filmmaker Miranda July to design the "Somebody" app, whose features allow you to send a message to "somebody", a friend of yours, verbally, by a stranger nearby also having the app. 
It seem to be perfectly tailored for the current digital consumer, whose habits are mobile-centered. The app evokes sociability, is funny to use and authentic, emotions being one of the fey features. 
Miu Miu is one of the first luxury brands to release such a detailed and quality video. It's really fun to watch, ans "does a great job of highlighting the app and some of the absurdities of our digital culture, going as far as to include ‘the internet of things’ when a plant will be able to ask to be watered". 
Maybe that will become the next Whatsapp!, enabling people to connect together in a very unconventional way. It'd be the opportunity for people to deliver (or not) (your rating as a linker would depend on that) a great message to somebody and feel great about a good action being done, thus leading to the chance to interact with the people you delivered a message to and socialize. 
I personally loved the concept. It's like a game, you never know if you'd be sought to deliver a message, and you could also play some tricks to your friends by involving some well-rated strangers.  The world is connected, we know that, but that's about connecting with the people you didn't have the chance to choose to connect with before. Luck and openness to the unknown will be part of the game. It's brilliant!
Well, here's the video, have lots of fun watching it!

Words, shapes...and sounds.

I love to sing. It's been one of my favourite hobbies since forever. I remember I wanted to become a singer when I was a little dreamy girl (that I still am), until reality hit me : I wasn't gonna be the next Lady Gaga.

However, I never stopped singing. And I even had the chance to sing in a professional studio once.

Oh yeah.

The reason is that I'm very lucky to be surrounded by talented friends, and one of them, especially, was the main responsible of a Universal Music studio in Tunisia that just opened last year. When I was on holiday there, we planned to spend some quality time playing music and singing.

After a few sessions, my friend told me to wait for the recordings, and that he wanted to mix it in a very special way. I had to wait for four months (busy schedule of his) before I could hear the "piece of art".

I'm never really shared any musical content of mine online, even if some friends often told me to do so. I guess I was too shy and not ready for this.

Well, surprise! Here's what's been recorded this summer. And maybe I'll keep on sharing some others, who knows.


We love Amsterdam

I had a real crush on this city, and here's why : a friend of mine knew it so well she showed us the tiny little streets that makes Amsterdam so typical. We wandered along the canals and the colourful open houses, watching locals chilling over a beer in a relaxed atmosphere. We also went far from the city center, enjoying a brunch at a local organic market, lying down in a park on a sunny day.

Whatever stereotypes you may have on this city (I did have a lot), give it a chance and experience what makes it enchanting like any other, not what makes it famous.



Our next destination was Prague, Czech Republic.

At first sight, I fell in love with the city's architecture. Walking down the streets felt as if we were walking in a dollhouse. The most banal buildings seemed to be historical monuments, and I could feel that the city was really, really old.

The feeling of stepping onto the ageing slabs made me realize how lucky I was to visit such a historical place. Even if the first feeling I had of the city was a gloomy one (I arrived late at night), I quickly changed my mind when I saw the city under the rays of a returning spring sun. So, it is definitely a city to visit to experience its historical richness and architectural beauty. 

As we were experiencing the Couchsurfing way of travelling, we got the chance to meet some people who brought us to have some typical czech food and drinks. As I'm neither a meat lover, nor a beer drinker, I wasn't much appealed by the food. But my friends actually loved it! 

Heading to Amsterdam now :-)

See? A real open-air dollhouse!

The medieval astronomical clock : 

The famous St. Vitus Cathedral, located inside the Prague Castle complex :

Spotted :
The John Lennon's Wall, symbol of a revolted youth willing to spread ideals as love and peace at the time of the communism regime :



Berlin combines the culture of New York, the traffic system of Tokyo, the nature of Seattle, and the historical treasures of, well, Berlin. (Hiroshi Motomura)

First crush, Berlin. What of a city!

If I have one word to say about it after having visited the city for four intensive days, I would say that Berlin is... crazy. And to be honest, I wasn't expecting Berlin to be such an alive, huge and overwhelming city. It feels that place is a magnet for creativity, especially when it comes to the  paintings on the Berlin Wall. 

That was the first destination of some kind of Euro-trip I did with three girlfriends of mine. I cannot remember everything that we've done, but we saw "a lot" (and walked, oh my, so much).  We walked by the Holocaust memorial, checked the Checkpoint Charlie, admired the Brandenburg gate, get ahead of the Reichstag, had a great spanish meal around Potsdamer Platz, visited the Hamburger Bahnhof museum for contemporary art, and so on... Berlin is definitely a gigantic city, and it's impossible to see everything in a week. For sure, I'll be back there.

I also took some time in the train to draw a little something coming from what inspired me the city. A german looking guy walking by the Berlin Wall. Incomplete, but still, I feel good to have drawn something. Is has been a long time!


Exhibit at Kaffe Kunsten

Yesterday, I went to the opening of Lydia Baker's illustrations exhibit at Kaffe Kunsten (near Vertergade). As you can see, the cafe is quite underground, as if you were in some kind of friend's kitchen. I loved the colours, originality and special signature of the place and its surrounding neighbourhood . There, we could enjoy a nice cosi atmosphere and some interesting conversations around a cup of wine, talking about how mature and deep the drawings were, and how impressed we were to see that Lydia was only 23 years-old. 

Lydia comes from Virginia in the US, and came to Copenhagen to experience the inspirational danish way of living and a new kind of artistic experience. Through my journey across her works and her notebook's drawings (I was really inspired by the way she spontaneously drew in her little carnet, I should actually do the same to keep drawing anywhere and at any moment...), I could guess she's taken time to seek inspiration through the streets, and drawn some little details that makes this city so magical. Here, some of the pictures I took!

Here is the artist :-) You can check out her great works on her website : http://www.lydiakbaker.com